The first thing to consider is your budget and the size of your painting.  

The list of sizes I offer, as well as prices, are listed below.

11" x 14" = $200

16" x 20" = $300

24" x 36" = $475

30" x 40" = $600

*for a more detailed quote or multiple pets click on the more button located here

After finding your budget and size it's time to  choose your photos.  Keep in mind that I work directly from your photos and it is best to stay away from blurry or long distance photos.

Clear photos that really show your pet's personality work best.

My paintings are on cradled birch panels.  I can keep the natural wood background or use vintage magazines ormaps for the background.  I can also do special requests for personal material in the painting, such as certain maps or personal photographs.  

Once photo and background have been finalized, I will sketch out a rough draft for your approval.  The rough draft will show composition and color choices for your painting.   

A 50% deposit is required at the time of approval of your sketch. Once the portrait is finished and approved, the remaining balance is paid.  Payment can be made through check, cash, Paypal or Venmo.

Turnaround Time

Two - Four weeks  depending on the size and complexity. I can typically work with time constraints you may have.  Just let me know what your hopes are in your email. If it is a holiday season it may take more time.  





Quality Assurance

Photographs will be emailed to you throughout the process to ensure that you are satisfied with the portrait during the whole process.  When the painting is finished, a final photograph of the portrait will be emailed to you for final approval. I will ship the painting only when you are satisfied and I have received full payment.




Shipping and handling costs are covered by you.   All paintings are securely packaged and insured. I ship portraits internationally,  and all over the US.  If you live in the Twin Cities area and I can hand deliver for no charge.

payment and deposits

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